Drones have been in the news a lot lately. Until recently, planes, helicopters or satellites were needed to get an overview of a particular area. Today, drones can be used quickly and inexpensively to take pictures and films from the air. New applications are being invented at a phenomenal rate around the world. Drones are becoming increasingly important for many activities in nature management, agriculture, contract work and water management. It is important that education also pays attention to this.


Presentation of the elective:

The subject is in full progress and developments are happening fast. The information has been compiled in a Wikiwijs (Dutch national Open Educational Resources portal): Wikiwijs drones in het waterbeheer

It is intended that this Wikiwijs will be updated several times a year.

Theory lessons:

1. Introduction: different types of drones, recent developments, different types of cameras, price-quality development.
2. Demonstration of the different applications.
3. Drones in agriculture.          
4. Drones in water management.
5. Laws and regulations.
6. Alternatives for situations where the use of drones is not allowed.


Practical classes:

1. Flight simulator: flying drones via computer.
2. Flying small toy drones.
3. Flying with real drones.
4. Photographing and filming with drones.
5. Converting photographs to orthophoto mosaics.
6. Using photos for presentations.
7. Using photos for technical drawings.
8. Using photos for inventories.
9. Working with alternatives, such as a telescope mast and hot air balloons.

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