Content: Drones and Water Management


Introduction of Drones

Types, prices, price development, applications, possibilities, limitations, alternatives.

Photo and film production, upload to laptop or PC.

Law and regulations

Laws for aviation and model flying: professionals and hobbyists.

Safe and responsible flying

(using remote control)

1st: Flying with the help of a flight simulator

2nd: Flying small drones in a safe environment

3rd: Flying on location with exemption

Use of tablet for the control of drones; entering of flight plan

Creating and executing an automated flight plan.

Aerial photography, photogrammetry, processing programs

Distortion of images, view perspective, oblique aerial photography, perpendicular line.

Solutions or compensations for image distortion.


Joining or ‘stitching’ together of various photographs.

Working with the coordination systems.

Drawing up inventories with the use of ArcGIS software

Use of composite images for inventories, analyses and presentations.

Technical drawing with the use of AutoCAD software

The drawing-in of lines, points and planes; area calculations

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