Elective Course: Water Manager 2.0

Component: Climate-Proof Water Management 

The component ‘Climate-Proof Water Management’ is part of the elective course ‘Water Manager 2.0.’ It accounts for about a quarter of the total elective, with a study load of 120 hours.

This component includes a lot of necessary knowledge about climate and solutions. A certain amount of prior knowledge is required.

Participants must also be able to demonstrate a particular competence. In relation to water management, they not only must be able to recognize opportunities and challenges, but also come up with solutions to problems. They must be able to present these solutions. Participants should be keenly aware of changes in the climate, and conscious of a degree of urgency. They also need to show that they are committed and that they are the professionals.


The Climate-Proof Water Management component is divided (after the intro) into 3 parts.

 Intro: Living in a Delta

1. Climate scenarios (climate in the 21st century).
2. Delta scenarios: what will the future hold towards climate and social/economic growth?
3. Work on the Delta: what are the (already) existing options for solving the problems?

Intro: Living in the Delta

The Netherlands serves as the "drain" of much of Europe. In addition, it is very low-lying in relation to sea level. On the one hand, we have to deal with larger amounts of water entering our country via the rivers. On the other hand, we will have to deal with periods when there is (too) little water coming in via the rivers. We have to deal with a rising sea level and, in addition, the soil will continue to subside in large parts of the Netherlands.

We all live in a Delta, and it is quite a task and challenge to stay ahead of the changes in climate. In part this is a Dutch problem, but it is, of course, also a European problem. We will have to solve it together.

short film: klimaatverandering - by Bart Verheggen (about climate change)


RTL News: wolken en klimaatverandering (about clouds and climate change)

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