What is sustainability?

To be honest, this question can be answered in several ways, implying that there is no universal answer to this. In general sustainability is thought of like materials that last long, not one time use products. Mostly the concept of products made in an environmental friendly way is connected to this. However it reaches much further than this. Have you ever heard of the sustainable development goals? These describe in a broad sense, what is actually meant with sustainability (https://sdgs.un.org/goals).
It covers the world we live in, for all life, now and in the future. In Water Technology, this means that for instance we are working on safe drinking water for everyone.
This leads to innovation, developing new techniques to clean water, safe to drink. Waste water can be cleaned to surface water quality, safe for all life living in it. Therefore we need to filter out, among others, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and pesticides. One new way of doing this, is by non-thermal plasma in direct contact with water to destroy dissolved organic pollutants. This makes it safe to return industrial water to surface water. To make surface water safe drinking water, membrane technology is taking a flight in making this sustainable. Sustainable in the sense of: low energy cost in production and use of the membrane, as well as durability.