Isn't the water from the spring better than from the tap?

Unlike spring water, tap water is constantly monitored. Often we choose to drink water from a spring because, for example, it has good mineral indicators, its taste is very pleasant and we are convinced that the spring water is clean. And it is very possible that for the most part it is, because in addition to the good indicators, the water is in constant motion, which does not allow bacteria to multiply. However, spring water also has its own dangers, which are possible from nearby residential houses with, for example, a local decentralized sewerage system, as well as groundwater and agricultural pollution, etc. ! But we can learn to introduce something good into our home from spring water. It is a continuous flow- if you have not been at home for a long time and used water, make sure that the water that has slightly accumulated in the indoor plumbing is drained for couple of minutes.