Case study: re-design residential area

Case description

The municipal council has decided that, as part of the quality of life in a certain area, a number of flats are to be demolished, and that the redevelopment of that area will create a residential district where facilities for small-scale recreation should also be established.

A fishpond and a water playground with a sunbathing area and some playground equipment are planned.

The site is located in the north of the city of Leeuwarden, see map in appendix 1.

They have invited five project agencies to write a project plan which will be presented to the municipal council. The municipal council will make the final choice.

You work at one of these agencies and together with your colleagues you form a project team and are given the task of writing a project plan.


Activities to carry out are, among other things:

·         Investigating the site’s suitability.
·         Designing a care system/management plan for the fishpond and the water play area (possibly including information about the sport fishing association; see also document 'Water in de openbare ruimte heeft risico’s voor de gezondheid’ - this last document will be issued digitally).
·         The fishpond must be able to provide additional storage space.
·         The water quality of the pond must meet the quality requirements of the water board (ecology requirements).
·         Designing a (complete) plan. (visualise!)
·         Mapping out the necessary materials (such as art works), using sustainable materials (according to municipal requirements).
·         Drawing up a cost calculation of materials, implementation and management.
·         Presenting a project plan to the Board of Municipal Executives.



·         Class will be divided into 5 groups.
·         The cost calculation is based on current prices. You can obtain the necessary information about costs from engineering consultancies, advice bureaus, contracting firms, etc.
·         Write a ‘Plan of Action’ according to the model described in ‘Projectmanagement’ by Roel Grit.


Starting points:

·         The site has a surface area of 1.8 hectares.
·         The soil structure is:
§  0 to -1.00 m an applied layer of soil.
§  from -1.00 to -3.00 m a layer of clay.
§  from -3.00 to -4.00 m a layer of sand.
·         The site is enclosed by:
§  on the north side, the road ‘Bonkevaart’.
§  on the south side, the ring road.
§  on the east and west side by access roads.
§  Furthermore, the municipality wishes to use part of the site (of the 1.8 ha) for low-rise housing in the low-rent sector. Part of the proceeds from the sale of the land can be used to realise the plan.


 Map1 Map2

Appendix 1: map of the area