Assignment 7: working together on water in the city (‘Water raakt’)

Study the pdf file ‘Water raakt’ and answer the questions below


·         What does the water board advise when it comes to collecting rainwater?
·         How will this be realised? 

7.1 Heat stress

·         What is heat stress?
·         What contribution can the harvesting of rainwater and green roofs make?
·         What influence will the above measures have on the average city temperature? Explain, possibly with a calculation.

7.2 KRW (acronym for the Water Framework Directive - WFD)

The WFD also applies to most bodies of water in urban areas. For waters that are not covered by the WFD, the same chemical environmental quality requirements apply as for WFD bodies, though for these urban waters a best-effort obligation applies, instead of a result-based obligation.

·         What are the environmental quality requirements for a WFD water body?
·         What is the difference between best-effort and result-based obligation? 

7.3 In what way is one promoting the optimisation of the wastewater chain?

7.4 You are having a new home built on a vacant plot in an urban area.

You are having a heat pump installed to heat your home. A heat pump makes use of groundwater. Is it allowed to extract groundwater? What measures are involved?