Assignment 3: Setting up and maintaining a (fish) pond

When designing a pond in an urban area, there are standards for slope ratio and pond depth.
·         Which are these?

It is nice to install play fountains in a pond or public square.
·         What are the requirements regarding water quality when using fountains in public areas?


Project Heemtuinwatergang:
(Heemtuin – botanical garden with native plants / watergang- watercourse)

This project is an example of good interaction between water board, municipality and citizens. Together with the people living in the immediate vicinity, the plan was drawn up at a very early stage. In a number of workshops, the plan developed from initial sketches into a beautiful design. Implementation of the plan began in 2009.
Additional water was dug at various locations, and nature-friendly banks were created. These banks will be sown with a mixture of herbs to create a colourful and attractive bank. Trees and plants will also be added.