Assignment 2: Review and propose other methods of sewage treatment (Noorderhoek, Sneek).

Urban water management takes many forms. We often think of problems to do with flooding, but water shortages, which can lead to heat stress, can also occur (see also Module 3 on Weather).

A world first: a totally new water purification system in the residential area Noorderhoek of the city Sneek. Soon, the wastewater from 232, still to be built, new homes will be collected separately and cleaned in a small treatment plant in the area. The project is the first in the world on this scale, and is a co-operation between Wetterskip Fryslân (Water Board Friesland), Housing Association de Wieren, STOWA (Foundation for Applied Water Research), the municipality Súdwest-Fryslân, central government Province of Fryslân and DeSaH BV (development of innovative, sustainable technologies and concepts within the water chain).


It is important to use available water in a different way. That also applies to flushing our toilets. In the city of Sneek, a project has been launched that promotes the reduction of water, whilst boosting the generation of energy.

·         Describe briefly what the project entails (who are the partners, and what is its objective?).
·         At what stage is the project?
·         Is application in larger quantities feasible?
·         Looking at the main theme of this module: what do you miss in the redevelopment of this neighbourhood?